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Ryland Moon – Dave Rhoades

According to my wife of 31 years, Jeanie, I am a Renaissance Man. I am a published author with my first novel released in 2010-Altar. My second novel – Road Rage will be out December of 2012. I am also a painter, singer, musician, actor and now Director/Producer. Jeanie and I are blessed with 5 children, 4 of whom are married and 6 1/2 grandchildren, due April 2013. And everyone lives within 15 minutes of us.

I started Call Back Theater Company because of my love of the theater which dates back to pre-college days. I have played a variety of roles down through the years including The Stage Manager in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, Mr. Darbus in High School Musical, Grandpa Joe in Willie Wonka, Chicago in Is He Dead, Jean ValJean in Les Mis and Daddy Warbucks in Annie. (I shaved my head for two months). I’ve also played a variety of other roles and just recently played supporting characters in two motion pictures, one that was just released in October of 2012.

I still continue to work with several other theater groups in the Denver area and enjoy all the friends I have made through all that grease paint.

I am so thankful to be working with all of my friends and family who have come together to make Merry Gentlemen and Call Back Theater Company possible and I hope that you enjoy our shows!


Kimber Rampart – Amy Jo Becker

Amy Jo has been married to her sweetheart Damon Becker, for almost 10 years. She loves her job as Household Executive, especially relishing the time she spends with her daughters: Piper (almost 3 years) and Tesla (almost 3 months). She has a BA in English with a minor in Biblical Studies, and enjoys singing, art, writing and acting. Amy Jo grew up in the musical theater world and has appeared in such shows as: “Oklahoma,” (Ellen) “Hello, Dolly!” (Mrs. Rose) and “The Family Nobody Wanted,” (Church Lady). Her favorite movies include: Frida, Chocolat, Girl Interrupted, American Beauty, and Fight Club. She is also a BIG fan of Fringe. She would rather not ever cook again, preferring raw fruits and veggies, simply because they don’t require much preparation. She dislikes chocolate and she cannot pick her favorite candy out of these: Skittles, Runts, Nerds, Spree, Smarties, Candy Corn, and Gummy Bears. She cannot stand arrogant people, and her one of her favorite quotes is by Annie Dillard: “I only know enough of God to want to worship Him by any means at hand.” Amy Jo knows her calling in life is to worship, and she believes this can be done to even the tune of midday traffic. Her favorite time of life was childhood, and she loves reliving it with her girls.



Cletus Kurpgeweit – Eric Weiland

Married 18 years (to Heather)

Two kids

Started out my career as a potato garnisher. Now I manage a pillow factory.

Love the outdoors, 80s metal, maple trees and my family

Started my theater experience playing the roll as indian joe in the 4th grade and yeah thats about it.

Dave ,I think you know more about how I came to do this than I do.

Secretly I have always wanted to do this. 🙂








Sheriff Mavis Standard – Heather Weiland  

I’m happily married to Eric, the man of my dreams & best friend for 18+ years. We have two amazing children, Hannah & Emily, who remind us daily how blessed we are! I work at a local bedding manufacturer with my wonderful husband. I love spending time with my family & friends & doing new, adventurous things with them.

My fave movie of ALL time is Braveheart, “FREEDOM!”

I have an egregious hatred of spiders, and being startled. (I’ve been known to hairspray a spider to an unrecognizable white blob to the wall, & throwing random office supplies at the office jokester trying to scare me.)

Special thanks to Dave Rhoades, a dear friend & talented writer. Without him, I wouldn’t have even attempted this role!










Cindy Lou Richardson –  Alaina Barrow

Alaina Barrow is a colorful 8 year old who loves to sing Taylor Swift songs, tinker on the piano, and create award winning artistic drawings. This is Alaina’s theater debut in the role of Cindy Lou, and yes, The Grinch (newer version) really is one of her favorite movies! In her spare time she enjoys cheerleading, softball, gymnastics, family bike rides and hikes, and making people laugh!








Betty Lou Richardson – Candi Barrow

Candi Barrow is excited to play the mother of Cindy Lou and thoroughly enjoys being the real life mother of Alaina and her big brother, Clayton.  Candi also works at the family business, Stonebrook Manor Event Center & Gardens, and shares an office with her handsome husband, Bill.  Additionally, she’s contracted as an administrator/event planner of the Colorado chapter of an international professional organization in corporate real estate. Candi is a Colorado native, enjoys taking trips to the mountains, and spending time with family and friends. She grew up playing the piano and has enjoyed singing–performing as a child in the Colorado Children’s Chorale and in high school show-choirs.









Booger Simpson – Bill Barrow

Bill Barrow is 42 and has lived in Colorado for 39 years.  Married to Candi Barrow for almost 17 wonderful years.  He works at Stonebrook Manor Event Center & Gardens and has 2 great children, one of which is playing Cindy Lou in this very play!  Some of his favorite things to do are watch the Broncos and Nuggets games and play pickup basketball.  A few of his favorite movies are “the Shawshank Redemption” and the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.  Although this is only his 2nd play he makes up for his lack of experience with blind enthusiasm.








Pat Tremble  – Mary Ellsworth

Born in Decatur, Illinois, Mary has been singing since grade school and is a graduate of Anderson University. Throughout a 17 year span in church choirs, Mary took time out of her busy life to appear in stage in such musicals as Music Man, Oklahoma, Hello Dolly and South Pacific where she played the ever cantankerous, Bloody Mary. She is presently with the Longmont Choral as well as the Loveland Choral Society. She and husband Bruce moved to Colorado in 2001. ” I love serving the Lord in any musical way possible.”










Set Design & Construction – Pearl & Bryan Younger

Bryan and Pearl have been set designers for a number of years. With Bryan’s mechanical expertise coupled with Pearl’s creative imagination, they can build, sculpt and paint  anything. From volcanic islands that erupt to Charlie Brown’s Christmas set including Schroeder’s grand piano cut off on the floor to Narnia’s magical forest, Bryan and Pearl can do it.

We are so fortunate to have their insight, expertise and creativity this year with Merry Gentlemen!

If nothing else, come to see the set design!


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